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Coding (Symfony) Jul 18, 2023 11 Minutes to read

Master Symfony Route Patterns with this 5 minutes definitive guide

Unlock Symfony's advanced routing capabilities. Learn route patterns, customization options, annotations, and caching. Optimize performance and user satisfaction

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Coding (Test automation) Jul 17, 2023 8 Minutes to read

How to implement Behat into your PHP project

Learn how to implement BDD with Behat and Gherkin in your PHP project. Boost your test automation efforts and ensure the reliability of your software

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Coding (Test automation) Jul 16, 2023 15 Minutes to read

4 steps to getting started with Behaviour-Driven Development

Discover the power of Behat and Gherkin for effective testing and improved software quality in this comprehensive BDD guide

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Coding (Psicology) Jul 11, 2023 6 Minutes to read

How I became a programmer

Discover the inspiring journey of how I became a programmer, from my humble beginnings to achieving my coding dreams

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Coding (Other languages) Jul 8, 2023 15 Minutes to read

5 reasons why Python sucks

Uncovering the Reasons Why Python Falls Short in Web Development

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Coding (Symfony) Jul 5, 2023 15 Minutes to read

RESTful APIs with Symfony: Building Web Services

Discover the power of Symfony in developing RESTful APIs for seamless communication between your applications

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Coding (Symfony) Jul 3, 2023 7 Minutes to read

How procrastination will make your web app faster (with examples)

Discover the power of lazy loading in reducing initial load times and optimizing resource usage, helping your website perform at its best

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Coding (Software architecture) Jul 1, 2023 8 Minutes to read

From Fragile Dependencies to Stable Foundations: Mastering the Dependency Inversion Principle

Explore the benefits of implementing the Dependency Inversion Principle for robust and maintainable code

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Coding (Software architecture) Jun 29, 2023 15 Minutes to read

Why 99% of Developers use interfaces wrong and how you can fix it now

Designing Interfaces with Precision: The Interface Segregation Principle Demystified

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Coding (Software architecture) Jun 26, 2023 15 Minutes to read

The Art of Code Design: Demystifying the Liskov Substitution Principle

Learn how to enhance the flexibility and maintainability of your code with the Liskov substitution principle. Discover best practices and real-world examples for writing robust and extensible software

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