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The Journal

"Write what you know. That should leave you with a lot of free time." Howard Nemerov


In this page, you will find my blog posts, I write to share my knowledge and my experiences.
Skim them and you will find what you are looking for.



In the coding part of this blog you will learn how are created websites and web applications



Lots of tutorials and tips on how to use softwares and the latest news in the field of technology



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Coding (Symfony) Aug 14, 2023 15 Minutes to read

From Framework to Content: Exploring Symfony CMS Integration for Web Development

Unlock the potential of Symfony CMS integration for web development. Learn how this fusion transforms the way you build websites, from framework to compelling content

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Coding (PHP 8) Aug 12, 2023 15 Minutes to read

Navigating PHP Deprecations: A Developer's Guide (2023)

Stay ahead with PHP deprecations. A developer's guide offers insights and strategies for smooth transitions

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Coding (PHP 8) Aug 10, 2023 11 Minutes to read

Is PHP Worth Learning in 2023?

Is PHP still a relevant choice in 2023? Unravel the reasons why this versatile language remains essential for aspiring developers.

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Coding (Php 7.x) Aug 5, 2023 9 Minutes to read

How to Use Git for Website Development? (Tips for PHP Developers)

Efficient website development with Git for PHP developers. Level up your skills with these practical tips and best practices

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Coding (Symfony) Aug 3, 2023 9 Minutes to read

Error Handling in Symfony: 3 Practices you must know

Become a Symfony error-handling expert with this practical guide. Boost your coding skills and deliver seamless web apps

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Coding (Php 7.x) Jul 29, 2023 8 Minutes to read

Composition over Inheritance [example in PHP]

Learn the difference between is-a and has-a relationship with examples that show why to favor composition over inheritance

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Coding (Psicology) Jul 27, 2023 8 Minutes to read

Can you Learn PHP By Yourself?

Yes, You Can Learn It Yourself! Explore the secrets of self-learning PHP and gain valuable insights from real success stories

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Coding (Software architecture) Jul 25, 2023 9 Minutes to read

Barbenheimer: How Technology Shaped the Blockbuster Stories of Oppenheimer and Barbie

A journey through the intertwined realms of web development and cinema. Dive into the tech-infused tales of Oppenheimer and Barbie and witness the powerful impact of technology in modern filmmaking

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Coding (PHP 8) Jul 23, 2023 5 Minutes to read

How Long Does It Take to Learn PHP? (with time span)

From Novice to Ninja, Find Out How Long It Really Takes to Become a Skilled PHP Developer and Propel Your Web Development Career

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Coding (PHP 8) Jul 21, 2023 15 Minutes to read

Is it difficult to learn PHP? (2023 update)

Uncover the truth about PHP coding and its learning curve. Unleash your potential and dive into the world of web development.

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