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The Journal

"Write what you know. That should leave you with a lot of free time." Howard Nemerov


In this page, you will find my blog posts, I write to share my knowledge and my experiences.
Skim them and you will find what you are looking for.



In the coding part of this blog you will learn how are created websites and web applications



Do you have an artistic vein? browse through the tutorials in the graphics section, surely you will find ideas for your creativity



Lots of tutorials and tips on how to use softwares and the latest news in the field of technology

Coding (Symfony) Jan 23, 2023 5 Minutes to read

10 Commands to Add a Database to Symfony

The Beginner-friendly tutorial about Doctrine, Symfony and databases

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Coding (Symfony) Jan 19, 2023 9 Minutes to read

How to Create a Page in Symfony 6 (Frontend)?

Introduction to Twig template engine and Symfony Webpack Encore

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Coding (Symfony) Dec 21, 2022 8 Minutes to read

How to use Symfony messenger to consume RabbitMQ messages (with example)

A practice approach to Event-Driven Architecture in PHP

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Coding (Software architecture) Dec 14, 2022 6 Minutes to read

A Quick Guide to Event-Driven Architecture

Learn how programs and microservices take advantage of this pattern

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Coding (Symfony) Dec 9, 2022 7 Minutes to read

How to dockerize Symfony (2022)

Read how easy it is to dockerize a Symfony application with this step-by-step tutorial

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Coding (Symfony) Dec 2, 2022 7 Minutes to read

How to Install Symfony 6 (PHP Framework)

A quick guide to Install Symfony 6 with Composer and not

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Coding (Php 7.x) Nov 30, 2022 15 Minutes to read

Repository in PHP [Design pattern with examples]

Add some spice to the love story with your PHP framework introducing another layer.

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Coding (PHP 8) Nov 29, 2022 8 Minutes to read

How MVC framework works (basics)

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework is an architectural pattern that splits applications into three main parts, read to learn how it works

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Graphic (Design) Nov 22, 2022 8 Minutes to read

How To Make Your First Website Wireframe (with Examples)

4 easy steps that will help you create a wireframe, and identify the goal of the website

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Coding (PHP 8) Nov 17, 2022 8 Minutes to read

The Discovery Phase of the Web Design Process

The very first step of building a new website successfully is the discovery phase. asking the right question and put the answers in your design

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