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How to free surf anonymously and hide your ID using Tor browser


In the collective imagination, surf anonymously on the internet is something that only hackers or computer scientists can do. Nothing further from the truth! If you use Tor Browser, you can easily surf the internet without being traced bypassing all regional restrictions that block access to websites in particular countries.

For anonymous surfing on the Internet you have to have recourse to the proxy, or to intermediaries.

If you do not want to let people know that you are going to the, for example, website, you can configure your browser with the address of a proxy. This way, when you type on the browser the address, your browser connects to the proxy, and tells him to send the requested page therefore if anyone will analyze the connections, it will be only the connection to the proxy.



What is Tor browser



The idea of Tor is very simple and very effective at the same time, why use a single intermediary to request an Internet site? To take the traces, the system developed by Tor passes the request to a website between various intermediaries, making it impossible to track who and what the Internet site requested.

To use Tor, it is necessary, first of all, download it from the link just below this description.



Installing Tor



When the download is complete, open it by double clicking on the downloaded executable file and advances between the installation tabs not forgetting, using the Browse button to choose the path where you want to install the software, finally click on the Install button and go on concluding the setup.



Tor Browser will start automatically: click the Connect button, wait a few seconds while the connection is established to the Tor network.

If everything went as it should, you should find a Firefox-like window open and the words "Congratulations. Your browser is configured to use Tor" at the center of the browser window. This means that to surf anonymously on the Internet with Tor you just have to use the Firefox version that has just opened, and no one can trace your PC on the network.



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