Introduction to Linux

Utility (Operating system)

Brief story about the operative system Linux and its beginning


Linux - Introduction to the O.S.

What is an operating system? the Operating system is the most important program that runs on a computer.



The Kernel is the program at the heart of the O.S. that takes care of the fundamental process like letting hardware communicate with software.



Linux is a Kernel which germinated as an idea in the mind of Linus Torvalds.

He used to work on the UNIX SO (proprietary software) and he thought that it needed improvements.

But when his suggestions were rejected by the designer of UNIX he thought of launching as O.S. which will be receptive to change modification suggested by its users.



The foundation of Linux was laid out from Unix which is called the mother of operating systems.



Unix is designed for mainframes and is in the enterprises and universities.



You can also pay for an Unix Kernel while in Linux its free,

The commands used on both the O.S. are usually the same, indeed, there is not much difference between Linux and Unix



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