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What is a PHP framework?

They are platforms that permit you to develop web applications. They give a structure and some functionalities that will allow you to save time and write only the code you need.

Which is the best PHP framework?

There is so much choice out there, each of them has its own characteristic. Have a look at reviews and test some of them out, you will find the one perfect for you.

How to decide when to use a PHP framework?

Someone always uses frameworks, it gives foundation and shorted the developing time. On the other hand, they weight your applications adding features that you may not need. As a rule of thumb, use them only for big applications.

What are the benefits of PHP frameworks?

  • They support almost every databases
  • follow the MVC architecture making code easier to manage
  • Speed up the development process
  • Provide functionalities out of the box and so on

What are the cons of PHP frameworks?

  • A framework add complexity
  • Does not provide a specific solution to a problem but try to make everybody happy
  • It takes time to learn
  • Depend from lot's of external application

Which PHP framework is easier to start?

My advice is to not choose the easier to learn but go for the ones with the best documentation and a broader community. It would be faster to learn and solve problems.

Does it worth to build your own PHP framework?

Web developers are lazy creatures, we do as much as possible to write less code possible, and this is good especially because the less code you write the less of it you need to manage. Plus, it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel, right?

What are the differences between a PHP framework vs a CMS?

In my guide, I have included several CMS as well, The reasons are that, even though they are different things, they belong to the same category of web systems. There are several differences though, Frameworks are more flexible, secure whereas Content Management Systems are more toward the end-user that need to manage it and provide updates for SEO and security patch

What is MVC?

Stands for "Model-View-Controller." it is a design model that includes three parts. The model takes care of the logic and database, the view only of the UI, and the controller stays in the middle and connect both.

PHP framework similar to Zend?

the most similar alternatives to the Zend framework are Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony and Yii. Be wary, you still need to review them and decide with one do the trick.

PHP framework similar to Laravel?

Symfony and Yii are the most similar to Laravel, Like the answer above you need the check their documentation out to decide which one you prefer.

What are the best PHP framework that support mongodb?

Drupal, Laravel, Symfony and Yii have all integration with MongoDB, You can also browse on GitHub and find lots of high-quality wrappers that help you implement it into your application.

What are the best PHP framework that support MySql?

99% of them support the most popular database, there must to be a very specific reason to do not do it.

Are there any event-driven PHP framework?

Among the ones I reviewed the closest one with event-driven features seems to be Prado, my advice is to read the review before start using it.

What are the fastest PHP framework?

n. 1 is Phalcon, it has been developed with a lower level programming language for this reason. then there are a bunch of microframework: Fat-free, Slim and eventually but very far Laravel (keep an eye on Lumen though)

When should I be using a PHP framework?

If you need to save time, if you do not want to recode the same features (Session, Authorization, etc,) every time, if you are building a quite big project, if you consider yourself an expert Web Developer.

Which are the best PHP frameworks for security?

It looks like that Symfony and Laravel are the best security-wise. They also have a huge community and developer that contribute on the GitHub repositories in case of bug and breaches.

How should a model be used in a PHP framework?

The Model is a layer that works alongside the View and the Controller. The Models contain all the business logic whether it is calculations, REST calls, or database queries.

Should you mix a js framework with a PHP framework?

It is ok to mix front and backend frameworks on the same project. For example, Laravel comes with support for Vue.js out of the box


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