The web application that let you learn Spanish verbs. More efficiently.

We’ve brought together thousands of different Spanish verb forms all in one place. If you simply want to practise Spanish verbs, then is for you.


Verb practice gameplay

Our verb practice gameplay brings together key Spanish verb conjugations over the most important tenses: present, preterite, imperfect, future, conditional, present subjunctive, both imperfect subjunctives, affirmative and negative imperatives, as well as the present and past participles.


Efficient learning

Make your learning more efficient by creating an account; account holders can select any combination of tenses to learn, and our bots will track your learning from one session to the next.


Durable knowledge retention

Our bots use spaced repetition, revisiting information at increasing intervals of time to produce long-term durable retention of knowledge. Our advanced systems also group together identical and similar verb forms, so that you don’t waste time learning the same verb forms.



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